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Hosi, but he soon threw up the appointment, as he had no taste for office work?
and Ms private property required superintendence* As Praia ELtmwar's adoption
of a son has given rise to much litigation on the part of the rival claimants to
the inheritance, it may be of use to add a genealogical table showing clearly
the degrees of relationship :


(of Sararan-kheri in Bhadaiara; came from there and settled at Satoha.)
Parasu-Fam Sinh, of Satoha,

Biran-chand, of  Gokhaianli.

B         Sinh,

of GofcharaulL

Bansidhar.          &*>* MaLL

Qirl<Jhar Pinb,
of Bhadatira.

3ss?. {&*-&&

Gobin<3 Ram,

of SikandmBao.

11 HarPrasdd          KatyanSinii*

.2 LaliU Tsasad       of GokharaML
Is Jamuna Prasad             |

Bam-ehand, adopted by Pran Kunwar.

Beyond the three towns of Gokul, Maha-ban, and  Baladeva, which haro
ldy been fully described, the only other places in the pargana which require
mor tlnthe molt cursory notice are the fonr great centres o   Jat colon^hon,
"hose history involves that of all the villages subordmate to them.

i  an old township with no arable land attached to it, is popn-
fto be &e mother of 360 villages.    It is still the recognized centre of
are as follows :-Ayra (or Era), Baron, Bhankarpur, Bhtira,
Julaki, Birahna,   Birbal,   Gainra,  Gaja,   Kakaran,  Lilpur,
w     . R41u Misri Nim-ganw, Piri, Sabali, and Sampat Jogi,    The founder

Siti; ,:,-, _^.-rSL-ii-sis


ancient family.    Ho had fonr sons, .hose nnmes are g.ven as Eompa

,B5rahna,a,dInchraj, and among them he perfumed out
,                      .                         fi